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RightEye Tests May Help with Reading and Sports

20/20 vision is not the only factor affecting our ability to read, play sports, or have functional vision in many other activities. At Today’s Vision, Tyler, we are pleased to offer the RightEye eye-tracking system to evaluate your eye focusing, eye teaming and eye movement. Identifying and improving these areas can help with reading and […]

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Do You Have Dry Eyes?

Ocular Surface Disease Tyler TX

Millions of Americans suffer from dry eyes. The prolonged use of computers, tablets, and smartphones can make dry eye conditions worse. Dry eyes can cause contact lenses to feel uncomfortable and even cause vision fluctuations. Dry eye syndrome, also known as ocular surface disease may be caused by lack of tear production, tear quality, infection […]

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Vision for Your Future Scholarship

Dr. Neisha Rudd established this scholarship in 2016 to encourage and support Smith County students interested in entering the medical profession. To reflect the donor’s gender and specialty, preference is for female students planning to study optometry, ophthalmology, or other eye-care related specializations. The scholarship has been promoted and presented by East Texas Communities Foundation […]

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Vision Therapy – Help Your Child Learn to Read

Help Your Child Learn to Read Does your child struggle with school work and reading? Does she take hours to do 20 minutes of homework? Does he complain of headaches at the end of the day? Rather than a learning problem, your child may have a vision problem known as convergence insufficiency (CI).  Convergence insufficiency is usually […]

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CANDY is Good for Your Child’s Vision

Parents are always wondering if something can be done to prevent their child’s vision from getting worse. There are many studies that show that OrthoK can slow down the progression of myopia, but the CANDY study (Controlling Astigmatism and Nearsightedness in Developing Youth) has the most interesting name. Most surprising is that the studies also […]

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We Support the Tilapia Project

Today’s Vision proudly promotes The Tilapia Project, an outstanding cause that sets up fish farms for orphanages in third world countries.  It truly is making a lasting difference in the lives of the children at these orphanages. Please click here to learn more about The Tilapia Project.

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More Testimonials
I always have a great experience when I go to Dr. Rudd. She always explains everything she does to me. I never leave wondering what is going on with my eyes. She has a great staff as well.

– Evelyn H.